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I am Benedetto Rugani from CRP Henri Tudor in Luxembourg. We recently bought 2 licenses for Simile v6.x (1 Standard and 1 Enterprise). Since 2 people are going to use it here, we wanted to know if we can install Simile on two computers with these licenses, or if we should install it on our server, so they can both have access?

I thank you in advance and wait to hear from you soon.



Mon, 14/04/2014 - 07:39
Thu, 15/05/2014 - 17:44


It depends. If you are using Linux, Simile checks the user's home directory on startup, and if no licence credentials are found, it invites the user to enter them. Thus, you can install it on a server, and many users with different licence credentials can run the same installed copy. Enterprise edition capabilities will be disabled when it is being run by a user with Standard edition licence credentials. The Mac version works the same way, though I have no experience with running apps on a network server on the Mac.

The Windows version on the other hand requests the licence credentials at installation time. It can thus only be executed by the user who installed it. If you are using Windows we recommend you install two separate copies with your two licenses (though they could be on the same machine at different locations) .


Thank you for your quick answer. Indeed I forgot to mention we work on Windows. Therefor, just to be sure, if we want two people to use it, we use one license for each computer? We cannot use the same license on two computers.

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That's right. Even if you have a site licence, which gives discounts of 30% and up for four or more users, you would still get a separate set of credentials for each user.

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