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Have Mac version of Simile under Standard License. Can I also obtain a Windows version under the same license?

I have a current Standard License for Simile. I normally work on a Mac, so I have been downloading the Mac package. I am now doing some work with a colleague that uses Windows, plus I have also obtained a faster Windows machine. Is it possible to download a Windows version under the same license, or do I need to purchase a separate license.

Sincerely, Dale S. Rothman

Tue, 20/09/2016 - 22:46
Thu, 22/09/2016 - 19:50


Yes that's fine, so long as you are the only user. I have added the 64-bit Windows version to your file downloads. Use the same licence details as you did for the Mac version when installing.

Thanks. I am the only user. Now I can see if all the problems I am encountering on the Mac version also occur on the Windows version.

Do you mean the altered slider behaviour you asked about in your other post, or have you had other problems with the Mac version?

I am still having some other issues on the Mac version, e.g. the inability to copy model diagrams and figures, but I recall that being a longstanding problem. I will keep a list of other things and send them along shortly. In the meantime, I seem to have run into a problem with my download of the Simile v6.x.64-bit.pkg.tar file. I assume this is because I have been going back and forth between my work Mac and my home Mac. It would be nice to download this file again as one suggestion I saw to a problem was to reinstall the software on the Mac. This time I will not delete my local copy of the file.

OK, I have increased your download location count limit for the Mac version. The recent problems on the Mac were due to new security features in the OS interfering with Simile's functionality. I believe they are all fixed, but the problems only ever occurred on some machines (never on our own!) so the more reports of it working correctly, the better.