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6.7 error and will not start

Last fall I contacted you regarding issues with Simile, and found that a new update was available that fixed the problem.  At that time I subscribed to everything that looked like it would provide update info, but apparently I checked the wrong boxes (got all the stuff about C-Roads). Added some more subscriptions this morning.   

So, still running 6.5 on MacOSx El Capitan 10.11.6, 16GB of DDR3 memory, nothing else running, and Simile starts up and just disappears with no error message or residue of what happened.  

I went and found, yes there were updates on the Home screen, but when I signed in and went to my downloads page, it looked like 6.7 was not there. (I misread the 6.x file name and the date said 2014). Sure enough, it was 6.7 when I unpacked it.  And got the following error:

Simile encountered an unexpected problem:  cannot open libcrypto.dylib: dlopen(libcrypto.dylib), 2): image not found.    

So, trashed all versions of Simile on my computer, searched for a Simile folder to delete in the usr/Library and found none, rebooted, installed and still got the same message using my credentials that have worked before (cut an pasted) - Name:  "Prof Steven Hodges", Org: "Virginia Tech", and my license key.

Tried once more from scratch with a new download from my downloads page.  Same result.  Tried on my brand new desktop with no Simile on it.  Same result.  

At this point, I need help.  Classes start next week and I wanted to demonstrate different modeling software in lab next Friday.  Last fall there was some concern about use of DHCP on an academic network?  


Steve Hodges






Fri, 19/08/2016 - 17:08
Mon, 22/08/2016 - 09:30


Hi, we've had another report of the same problem from UGA. They've been running various tests for me but we don't have a solution yet. The problem is, the dynamic library that decodes the license keys is failing to load. Although it appears to be present on the affected machines, and in the right place, it does not get located.

Of course this isn't happening on our own Macs at Simulistics so it's hard to find the solution, but we'll keep trying.

This was caused by recent changes to MacOS which stopped some bundled software used by Simile from working. I have now uploaded a new Mac version of Simile including a workaround that fixes this issue. If you are experiencing it, please download again and re-install.