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XML model exchange format?

Trying out the 5.7 sample version, I was wondering if there is any notion of an XML model exchange format, DEVS, or perhaps along the lines of Tom Maxwell's old "MML", as per: [obsolete link]


Chris Nicholas



There did seem movement toward an XML exchange language XMILE,, but nothing has happened.

Simile model specifications can be exported as in an XML format File menu -> Export -> XML model description. This has been used for the PlaSMo project

Our idea is that once you have the specification in XML it is possible to transform it into another XML language.



hmmm - in the MAC OSX demo version, I get the following message trying to export to XML:

"Communication with a web service is required but cannot be established. Is there a connection to the internet?

The web access command returned the following exception: "invalid command name "::http::geturl""

Press "Help" to display a relevant page from Simile's documentation."

but there is a good deal to read through in the links you have sent....thanks!

Chris Nicholas