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Updating the help for Simile 6

We need a copy of Simile help so that it can be updated offline while the current help remains available to users. To this end the book copy module was installed but it breaks the internal links.



I've been investigating how the book copy script works and am starting to see how to implement an improved book copy.

A fundamental problem is that the current script takes no account of the assigned url aliases. It leaves the node creation system to make up a URL alias according to the general rules. It isn't even easy to find the copied version, one has to look for it he list of new changes.

So, my plan is make a new top level book url, eg for /help it would be, say, /help2 and to keep the url  below the top level the same. It will then be possible to change internal links to use the new toplevel book url simply keeping everything linked.

This will also enable the new book to be reinstated as I can't see how the current book copy could be reinstated.

Book copy has been modified copy the old urls to the copiy of the node (page) BUT prefixed by the Unix timestamp generated at the start of the copy.

This works for all pages bu the root page. That url must be updated manually based on the url of the root page of the book being copied prefixed by the timestamp. The time stamp can be recovered from any page found by the book navigation lins (as opposed to any in-page links).

The copy can be found by following the "Show Book History" at the bottom of the root book page, e.g.



Hi Jon, this seems to be causing a bit of a problem. It's now the case that if you search for something that is in the help book, the page in the duplicate comes up, but not the page in the live copy. For instance, if you search for 'GeoTIFF" the first page that comes up is

You should get rid of this copy of the site, as I am not yet ready to start doing event documentation and I'm currently making a lot of changes to the live site while adding rerlease notes for v5.9. (that's how I noticed the problem, after searching for a topic I started editing the copy by mistake). But when we do it for real, the copy should be available only to admins, and not included in search results.


I've deleted the copy and will have to work on modifying the copy scripts hide the copy from search and non-admins.


-- Jonathan