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Simile v4.3 Released 27 June 2005

What’s new in Simile v4.3?

Serious bug fixes
* Cutting or copying a selection from inside a submodel caused links across the submodel boundary to be invisibly 'broken' at the boundary, requiring reconnection.
* Corrected a problem that could cause file parameters to fail to load if they had ghosts outside their submodel
* Execution process crashed when getting values (e.g., for a popup) from an association submodel with a variable-membership base model
* A lot of work has been done solving problems related to inter-process communication on different platforms. This should greatly improve reliability.

Less important bug fixes
* Sketch graph data no longer gets confused between different separately built submodels
* Saving a file parameter setup used to ignore changes since it was last loaded
* Trying to 'paste' the clipboard into a submodel could sometimes paste outside the submodel
* Occasionally it would not accept a valid combination of physical units for a compartment and a connecting flow
* Selection and unselection are now better at consistently highlighting what will be copied, and what deleted
* Displaying components extremely small and then zooming in to them caused clicks to select the wrong one
* Delete key now always deletes the selection except if some text is being edited (in which case it deletes a character)
* Deleting a submodel boundary could make a model no longer runnable, by changing dimensions of inputs to components outside -- these are now shown in red when this happens
* Replacing a sketch graph with a lookup table used to cause the equation not to be accepted
* Flows are now much better at staying attached to their endpoints when one or the other is dragged
* Code for hiding/showing components at deeper nesting has been improved, sorting out some redrawing and re-routing problems
* Problems specifying 'boolean' as the type for fixed or variable parameters have been fixed
* Equation editor no longer hangs if you put 'makearray()' in the argument of 'element()'
* Packaged models will now open properly when opened by clicking or dragging their Explorer icon
* Running the model for a time that is not an exact multiple of the time step caused integration errors
* Old time series data was not forgotten if it was removed but no new value created for the same time point
* Simile would not run properly with some very peculiar desktop colour schemes
* There was a problem opening models on network drives
using '' to specify the membership of a relation between submodels could cause spurious values to appear if the expression was not always within the range of indices of the base model being selected. Now, out-of-range indices are removed.

Major improvements
* Execution loop now executes in c++ rather than scripting language, so models run faster
* Fixed parameters and time series data are stored in c++ arrays, so models reset and run faster
* 'Undo' and 'redo' functions no longer require redrawing the whole diagram, so they are faster and can be used to illustrate model construction as a step-by-step animation
* There is now a version for the Apple Mac (MacOS X only).

Minor enhancements
* Keypad in equation dialog now has a custom button to enter user-definable text, an AC button to clear the entry field, and is coloured
* Time series data can be 'looped' so it repeats after a certain time
* Table function made more comprehensible -- arguments need no longer be enclosed in a list
* Snapshot window now allows model values to be logged to file as it runs -- this is much quicker than using the table I/O tool
* Unit definitions extended, and can now include multiplier prefix letters (e.g., mW)
* Windows installer now checks license code when it is entered
* Unix versions now include dialogue for license code rather than user having to edit the file
* Influences can be made 'transparent' so they only appear when endpoints selected
* Equation listing tool is better laid out and more informative
* Functions in the equation language are now case-insensitive
* File parameter dialogue box now always shows the controls whatever size it is
* Resetting model is now the default option after loading new parameters
* Appearance is now more consistent with the look-and-feel of the OS (thanks to Tile Widget Set)
* Line breaks in component names no longer mess up widgets in which they appear (they are replaced by spaces)
* Context-sensitive help now works in more situations
* Run control looks neater
* The user interface for defining enumerated types has been improved
I/O tool enhancements
* I/O tool graphics can now be printed
* XY Plotter has option to display current positions only
* Value popups on plotter traces now more accurate
* Grid square and polygon helpers now use distinct (non-sequential) user-selectable colours when displaying enumerated-type values, and have more informative popup messages
* Input sliders are no longer removed from their helper by 'clear all displays' button

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