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Simile on Fedora 19 and up

Fedora seem to have dropped the Tktable package that is required by Simile.

You have to get it from here (the Enterprise extensions) and install it locally:

(Replace x86_64 with your architecture if that is different)


As of Fedora 21, gets even trickier. Fedora has moved to TclTk 8.6, and the tktable package linked above does not work with that.

So, you have to get a newer version of tktable from the SUSE linux library:

...but this installs in a place that is not searched by Fedora's TclTk installation. So to get it working in Fedora, you have to create a symbolic link to it from the location where Fedora expects TclTk packages to be installed:

cd /usr/lib64/tcl8.6

ln -s ../tcl/tktable2.10

(last command will need administrator privileges, login as root or use sudo)

In fact you are probably better off making a symlink in /usr/lib64 from tcl8.6 to tcl, so any rpms for tcl extensions from the OpenSuSE project will also work on your Fedora box.

You have a similar problem if you are using OpenSuSE -- the tclxml, trf and tklib packages required by Simile are not present in the repository. So, install the latest Fedora project packages. First you will of course have to add symlinks in /usr/lib64 and /usr/share from tcl to tcl8.6 so the Fedora packages are findable (the tklib package is tcl code only, so installs under /usr/share).