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Simile 4

:?: What is the present planning for the release of Simile 4 ? :?:


Good question, and may I offer our apologies for the silence that has fallen whilst we have been striving to deliver v4.0 in the best possible condition.

We are presently undertaking a final round of beta tests with selected customers. This is the sixth round of field tests since we announced v4.0, and in response to comments, we have introduced or modified several new features.

The Simile v4.0 Feature List now includes two additions:

* Automate simulations by using the new scripting language, allowing multiple parameters sets to be loaded and compared in a pre-defined sequence.

* Simplify installation with the new built-in C++ compiler

Our present schedule is to release v4.0 to the public website during the week commencing 6 September. We will make every effort to stick to this schedule, but prefer to release late rather than offer a product of lower quality than you expect.

Thanks for your patience and continued interest.
Kind regards, Alastair

We are delighed to announce that Simile v4.0 is now available for download from

The is a major new release, incorporating over a dozen significant new modelling features, as well as undergoing a long testing period.

We are arranging an upgrade path for users of v3.x. Please contact us for details if you are interested in this immediately.

Kind regards,
Alastair Davies