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monthly temperature data

I'm probably having quite a simple problem. I am creating a model similar to the 'degree days' model in the library. However instead of having T_m as a graphed input, I would like it to come in as data from a file. I have tried creating a .csv file with two columns, month and temperature and loading it in through the table command on the equation dialogue box. However I do not know what to write in the Equation box. At the moment it says table(). if I add 'temperature' or 'month' in the brackets it complains that these parameters do not exist in the model.

I've tried quite a few other things like fixed parameters, or creating an array, but then this stops the flow equation from working.

What is the easiest way to include the monthly data from a file?


For working with the table function see the table help.

The preferred solution would be to use variable paramters to to handle a time series see, Variable parameters are needed instead of fixed so that the parameter can change over time.