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Images in submodels


I've just started using Simile. I'm writing some example models for a modelling course I'm giving to biologists.

To make the models look more visually appealing to the students (and for no other reason) I thought I'd add an image for the background of a submodel.

This works, and I can save the model, but when I try to open the file by double clicking A window appears with the message "Co-ordinating model information", and if I open Simile and then open the model I get the error "Simile encountered an unexpected problem:
invalid command name "backgnd0".


Am I doing something wrong, or shall I drop the idea of including images in Simile?





Hi Jon,

I've tried the same thing with the same results. I'll file a bug report.


Works fine for me!

Could you send a copy of the model you are having trouble opening to

Thanks for that; I am getting bounced "unknown host or domain" when trying to reply. Here's what I sent:

Thanks very much for that -- unfortunately this is a pretty general problem, and seems to have been around for some time. Not many people use images as submodel backgrounds! I'll make sure it's fixed in the next release. Incidentally, it's working fine in the Linux and MacOS versions, provided your username does not contain spaces.

Thanks for letting me know Jasper.

I'll dump the image idea then until a new release comes out... or I buy a Mac.