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Graph functions

I have one more question, and a comment; one regarding the graph function, and one regarding the submodel diagrams.

Firstly is it possible to dictate the X axis resolution interval? I know you can increase or decrease it a specified amount, but say I wanted 0.2, 0.4, 0.6, 0.8 etc. instead of 0.25, 0.30, 0.35 etc. is this possible? Or how about if I only know values at irregular intervals for the x-axis? The Y-axis is editable as a table, but as far as I know the x-axis isn't?

Secondly, once the submodel windows get to a certain size, I find it is very difficult to click on the outline of the submodel accurately enough to be able to resize the window. I have tried snapping to grid which helps a little, but it is still a bit intermittent. It would be nice if this were made slightly easier in future releases (or is there an option box somewhere to type in the height and width of the box?)




The graph function is to enable the relationship between two variables to be graphed quickly and easily - sketched. If you want more precision a table may be more appropriate,

I have submitted a feature-request for your second point,

I have seen the table functionality yes. I was wondering how this would work in terms of interpolation between values however. At the moment it reads off a specific Y value from the graph depending on X. If the same thing was read from the table would it interpolate between entries?


Secondly, I'm currently considering distributed computing for a larger model. I will have my own personal computer that will be able to submit jobs to a cluster. As well as having SIMILE, and the job submitting software on my local machine, I also need to install SIMILE on the cluster. I believe I also need the tools within SIMILE to send jobs to the cluster. I have the comparison with MATLAB, whereby you need a distributed computing toolbox to be able to do this. How would this work with SIMILE, and would it work with the single licence software I have at present, or would it need Enterprise edition?