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Global variables


Is there a way in Simile to define a global variable (either within a sub-model or across the whole model)?

I could create a variable and put an influence arrow to every variable in the model, but this would end up being a real mess in terms of what the model looked like.  The particular model I'm thinking of at the moment is a boolean network model, where each link has a threshold. That threshold is the same for every link in the network.

So I was just wondering if global variables, so that I could bathe every model component in a set of common, fixed, parameters,  were supported?





Hi Jon,

To reduce clutter from many influences from one variable, Simile has ghosts, see (also in the help available from Simile itself).

There is a compromise to make,  the influence the ghosted variable has is less apparent. However, this loss can be offset by reducing clutter that can make a diagram difficult to read, never mind unsightly. When analysing the influence network of a diagram with ghosts Simile has some tools to help to trace influences,