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Do-While loops

I have some Fortran code I'd like to implement in Simile, but I am a bit stuck on how to handle a Do ... Until loop. What I'm actually doing is sorting out an allocation across array elements, so it all has to happen within a single timestep. I'm sure Robert sent me an example a few years ago using a conditional instance submodel, but I can't access my old email archive at the mo. Ideas welcome. Thanks, Ed.

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Hi Ed.

A multinstance submodel, probably conditional is often needed in situations loops are used in programming and  influences have a special property "Use values in the same time step" (double-click on the influence arrow. This property indicates how the ambiguity associated with a circular loop of influences is to be resolved.

If you attach the code for the you want to implement we could be more specific


Have only one 'increment' variable as in the attached model, and get the initial value from StartValue which has a value defined without reference to the dashed influence at the start of the iteration.

I've copied this from an email from Jasper.