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deleting and copying

Hey there,

i have v4.3 running and im wondering why del and ctrl C and ctrl V are
retarded. ie they work when i first start but after a while i have to use the right button click and scroll to copy, delete, paste etc...

it would be good just to be able to use the short cuts




You need to check whether you are editing some text, either a component's caption or its equation in the equation bar -- if so, the cut, paste and delete shortcut keys will be working on the text rather than the model diagram

Oh, so you cant use the short cut keys when
altering the design of the model?

Ie when i want to get rid of/copy/paste an influence, variable etc to another part of the model
i cant just click on it then press del/ctrl C/ctrl P.

Im sure i can once or twice when i first open the model but then it
stops working like that and i have to right click then scroll/move pointer to delete etc

(ps. works fine for editing text and copying equations etc)



You should be able to use the shortcut keys for editing the model whenever you are not editing a piece of text. But I must admit I have noticed occasionally not being able to do that when I thought I would be! I can't make the problem happen to order though, so not much chance of fixing it. If you can describe a series of actions that cause it to happen, I'll try to sort it out. In the mean time, the context menu (right-click) editing functions always work on the model.

it works nearly none of the time on my large models
and nearly always on my small models

i think it has something to do with how fast (or slow)
my computer is..