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customizing variables, text size etc


Congrats on having such a good peice of software.
i personally have had my horizons broadened as a result
of this software, the visual aspect greatly assists conceptual
development of what i am trying to represent as a model

i have a largeish model with lots of variables and flows etc
i seem to have a problem at the moment because i have to
customize the text and line sizes and so on every time i enter
the model as it doesnt seem to be saving these customizations

is there a way to avoid the line and text sizes etc going back to
a default value every time i open it?



Customization details are saved with the canvas information. So in order to get them to reload with the model you have to set 'save canvas file' rather than 'model file only' on the Save tab of the Preferences dialogue. This is the default setting, and it will make your saved models larger but they will load quicker because the display information is restored rather than rebuilt.