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Automatically aborting a model run


Can anybody help? I would like to automatically stop a run when a certain compartment becomes empty. Can this be done more elegantly than this? I have used stop in a variable's equation and it works, but the pop-up is a bit distracting.

Thanks in advance for any help.



Sorry, that is the only way to stop a run.

What do you think should happen? We could make a change for a future release of Simile version 5.

I guess the pop-up box and message inside shouldn't be so alarmist. Simile doesn't handle text and so a user defined message wouldn't be possible but changing the message box title to "User defined stop" with the interruption code in the message and no low level information would be less distracting.

Perhaps even a severity code could be added as an argument to the stop function, Silent meaning no message box, warning as suggested in the paragraph above and error as the warning but labelled Error for when a modeller wants the model user to be notified of an error condition.

What do you think?



Probably a severity code as an argument would be best, but that may break old code...