Trouble shooting

The aim of this section is to provide workarounds for problems you may encounter in using Simile. Where an error message is given, this is quoted here. Please contact us if you have any suggestions to add to this list.

Error deleting model dll

Sometimes when trying to save a model an error message will appear, similar to,

Simile encountered an unexpectected  problem: error deleting modelpath/model.dll permission denied

This happens when

  1. a model that had already been built was loaded (and so an executable model had been saved with the model specification), 
  2. a change was made to the model
  3. and then the modeller tried to save  the model without rebuilding an executable (i.e. selecting run on the model window Model menu).

This not a severe error, the model specification will be saved. When the model  is next loaded the executable can be rebuilt from the specification. (Model executable is only saved as a convenience to save rebuilding each time the model specification is loaded.)

Work around:

Rebuild the model by selecting run on the model window Model menu before saving the model.

File called something .002 requested when installing Simile

Your download was incomplete. Occasionally, downloads appear to be complete when actually they are not. Try downloading it again and check that the two files are the same size.

Killing Simile: Windows

If it becomes necessary to kill Simile this can be done from the Task Manager. Inside the Processes end the Simile.exe, sprt.exe and relay.exe processes.