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Jonathan's model templates.

Agent in patch

This template represents an agent or individual moving over a surface represented by a grid, for example, animals (agents) moving through vegetation represented by a grid to air parcels moving over a surface in a Langrangian model.





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Estimate day and night temperature from 24 hour minimum and maximum temperatures

This very simple template of just 5 elements (2 input parameters and 3 variables) is a scheme for roughly estimating the average temperature during the day and during the night.

Model diagram

Model diagram of TdayTnightFromTmaxTmin

Equation listing

Excerpt from PnET

Aber, J.D. and C.A. Federer. 1992. A generalized, lumped-parameter model of photosynthesis, evapotranspiration and net primary production in temperate and boreal forest ecosystems. Oecologia 92:463-474

Variable   Tave
    Tave =         (tmin+tmax)/2.0
Variable   Tday
    Tday =         (tmax+Tave)/2.0
Variable   Tnight
    Tnight =         (Tave+tmin)/2.0
Variable   tmax
    tmax =         Variable parameter
    Minimum = -50, Maximum = 50
Variable   tmin
    tmin =         Variable parameter
    Minimum = -50, Maximum = 50








Simple non-sexual inheritance.


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