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Reproducing the original

The old content is being copied to Drupal pages with url aliases to match the old urls. At present the url base is set to /drupal so all Drupal page urls start with that. When we want to switch over to Drupal we can change the url base in Drupal site settings and possibly .htaccess.

Links must be checked.

Appearance must be finalised - make our own CSS using the existing simulistics.css

Most content has been copied from the original site displayed in a browser and pasted into Drupal in the wysiwyg editor. Link destinations are therefore the original content. Links must be checked. Also images and documents are in their original locations NOT in the Drupal installation.



    • Moved Model Gallery to Intro from Download -- there's nothing to download, it is Into material
  • Download
    • menu page must be presentable
    • Software page version numbers are hard coded! That's a backward step. Drupal have variable we can use for substitution?
    • Models -
      • Gallery moved to Intro
      • Model catalogue not finished
    • Documentation
  • Support
    • Tutorials not finished
    • New item and page for Presentations (still available form Download)
    • Tip and Trick - now a Dupal book easy to add new pages listed in content pages
      • the categories seem strange
    • Added Collaborative Groups
      • SimileXML can house a Book, have forum associated etc.
  • Clubs
    • Research Club - let's drop this doesn't mean anything. We wanted to engender a community feeling but a club is probably not quite right.
    • Teaching Club - Now as main item
  • About us
    • straight forward