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Installed the projects module but it doesn't work

I've installed the projects module along with the project issuses module. I am hoping that it will deal with the Simile issues list we have been planning to make public. We could also have a wish list.

We have also talked of distributing helpers seperately from the main Simile installation (actually we for Simile version 3). Project releases would help us handled this and each released file could have an issues and a wish list.

Problem: I can't created Projects. The creation form always fails with an empty full description field despite their being text in the field. Mark can you see what's wrong.


Looking at the HTML, it seemed to be something to do with fckeditor - it looked like it should have been using it but wasn't. So I disabled it for that page and I could create a project. I don't know why the editor was failing here but I'll look into it.