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50% off for Linux users!

Simile's Linux version has all the functionality of the Windows and Mac versions, and is easier to support, since several of the tools on which Simile is built have a Linux heritage. All saved models, parameter files and visualization setups are fully compatible between Linux and other OS versions. However, we have relatively few Linux customers.

So, to encourage the use of free and open-source operating systems, we are making a special offer of 50% off Simile for Linux -- all editions, in combination with the academic user discount where this applies (i.e., a total of 75% off the full commercial prices), and with site licence discounts.

Simile for Linux is available for 32 and 64-bit platforms, using either the RPM or DEB package management tools. This makes it compatible with most Linux systems. We will be happy to produce an installation for any other Linux distributions upon receipt of orders. Note that the Linux version downloads are much smaller than those for Windows or Mac, because Simile can use associated software in other packages in your Linux distribution rather than bundling all required tools.

If you have a Linux system, why not try the evaluation edition on it now? We look forward to hearing from you.


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