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12 February 2004: Simile v3.3 released

What’s new in Simile ?

Version 3.3

Released 12 February 2004

This is a minor version release, correcting errors in the v3.2 interface. Many new features have already been implemented for version 4.0, which we are anticipating releasing in April 2004. We are keen to receive feedback on what you would like to see most, and we encourage you to use the Forum for this purpose.

We recommend all users upgrade to v3.3. Please contact us, if you have any queries about obtaining the code.

The most significant changes in v3.3 are as follows.

  1. Table function editor failed in some circumstances to create new tables properly. This has been corrected.
  2. Printing model diagrams sometimes left the interface in an inconsistent state. This has been corrected.
  3. File access problems on Novell Netware networks have been corrected.

Installation is by default to the folder C:\Program Files\Simile33. If you using v3.2 or earlier at the moment, we recommend you install v3.3 alongside. When you are happy with the upgrade, you can delete the Simile32 folder.